Company Profile (Unifert)

Unifert is a primary agricultural enterprise owned by its producer members, with the primary aim of optimum wealth creation for its members. Unifert is a dynamic enterprise: over the years, it has created an infrastructure and serves as an anchor to the agricultural community.

Unifert trustworthiness has indeed deserved the respect and loyalty of its members and clients.

Unifert with its local partners is a key success factor as it gives us an in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we operate.

Unifert is a market leader in most of Sudan parts, thanks to the professionalism of its people and to a successful business model which has proven itself over the years.

Unifert participate with all governmental tenders, it got a high share on:-

Sudan cotton tender

White Nile Sugar tender

Arab Sudanese Blue Nile tender

Unifert products are available on local markets, and cover all Sudanese province’s. It cover 70% from green houses requirement’s.

Unifert provide our customers with a balanced product portfolio, we are the representative of international companies:-


Syngenta, -UG


Compo –Fertium -Adonis


Dow Agro Science -BASF Syngenta


Unifert team has always been at the forefront of new developments in agriculture and Unifert Agriculture is considered one of the leading rural development companies in Sudan.

Unifert Agriculture principals have long of combined experience in all facets of Sudanese agriculture. We have the necessary personnel, expertise and equipment to provide our clients with a complete range of services necessary to maximize their rural investment.

Unifert principals have experience covering all aspects of the agricultural business, including but not limited to -

•Overall property management

•Supervision and organization of the labour force

•Preparation of budgets

•Design and development of capital improvements



Unifert Agriculture has every reason to be very satisfied with the results that have been achieved. Our strategic advice, coupled with prudent risk management, has helped them to perform to their revenue budget and beyond.

Success in investment is measured in terms of achieving objectives, and on that score Unifert Agriculture and its clients have been highly successful. Much of that success stems from the experience of our team and the quality of our management of your investment.

Future projects: -

1 - program selection and application of modern irrigation systems in agricultural projects:

It is a program developed in 2001 and aimed at studying and evaluating the use of modern irrigation systems in agricultural projects for current and future of these systems from a variety of benefits, whereby control of the implementation of agricultural plans and control the amount of water and high productivity and minimize Aldaúat.

Has begun the application of pivot irrigation systems in Sudan and drip irrigation systems in all of Sudan, Mauritania, Morocco and work is continuing in this program

2- The application of precision agriculture technology

(Precision Farming):

By contact with international companies specialized in GPS and GIS technologies for the purpose of implementation of this technique in the draft Arab Authority for the development of rainfed agriculture by using no-till farming system in one of its Sudan. It is expected the implementation of the initial phases of the program in 2003.

Magazine agricultural investment Court:

An agricultural scientific journal issued by the Saudi court for the first time targeting the deployment of topics in the field:

• Studies on the leading agricultural projects management.

• Authentic scientific research with practical advantage.

• Specialized scientific topics viable and investment.

• Review of the latest technologies and discoveries in the field of development and the development of the agricultural sector.

• Presentation of projects and experiments leading agricultural Arab.

• Economic and marketing studies for major agricultural products regionally and globally.

Scientific capacity and practical experts by participating in meetings, Arab and international, such as seminars, conferences, and business meetings in order to provide Alpha

Future view

Through economic development project in Sudan, aims Unifert to reduce imports and increase dependence on the national economy and encourage the contribution of the agricultural sector. As Unifert also seeks to provide high quality nutrition and services that go hand in hand with the needs of the consumer. In order to achieve this end, applies itself to achieve the aspirations of the shareholders through the best investment of human and financial resources and the natural resources of the company in line with the values and traditions of the community.

Success in investment is measured in terms of achieving objectives, and on that score Unifert Agriculture and its clients have been highly successful. Much of that success stems from the experience of our team and the quality of our management of your investment.

Irrigation equipment used during all stages of the farming cycle. Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to our product portfolio which must meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We are able to maintain a high innovation rate thanks to heavy investment in product development. Our teams of specialized agronomists do not limit themselves to selling products - they use their know-how to offer complete solutions to their customers.

 MANAGING DIRECTOR, Mohamed Kamal Ibrahim

 Promoted to direct and provide executive guidance for operations, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and IT for Sudan, operations including a $45 million (output) manufacturing plant, a packaging facility in Sudan, and 6 country-branch offices. Held full P&L management authority and headed 150+ staff.

Led the charge to increase base of customer distribution in international consumer retail channels, a challenge previously attempted and failed by predecessors. Provided team leadership that successfully won brand recognition and product placement in Sudan most recognized DIY, electronics, and food retailers, generated dramatic category growth.

Professional experience

Manage operations and human resources initiatives with full P&L accountability. Grew sales by 250% in 8 years and leveraged exceptional technology skills to save money and time through automation. Oversee 700+ department, chain, and specialty store accounts. At peak, manage staffs of up to 25 including controller, managers, sales professionals, and hourly and seasonal employees.

Operations Management

§Cut 70% off time spent packaging and shipping orders by automating procedures for bar-coding products.

§Slashed product overhead costs by 80% by transitioning a large percentage of the business, importers to direct importing and renegotiating pricing structures with remaining importers.

§Trimmed product shipping costs by 35% while improving delivery times by consolidating freight service accounts and negotiating better rates.

§Propelled productivity 25-fold by developing an inventory database that allowed employees to more efficiently assemble orders for multiple stores.

§Significantly improved quality control efforts and minimized losses incurred from damaged merchandise by reengineering procedures for returns and improving product inventory management processes.

Business Development

§Landed 700 new accounts in one year and significantly increased name recognition by developing the company's "first-ever" mass mailing campaign to retailers.


 Dynamic and performance-driven administrative professional with strong organizational, customer service, and communication skills. Multi-disciplinary industry expertise with emphasis in records management, payroll processing, accounts payable and receivable.

•Distinguished performance maintaining timely and accurate financial reporting; including accounts payable and receivable.

•Completed accurate calculation and processing of payroll, managed billing, invoices, proposals and files for large corporate accounts.

•High-impact communicator effectively presenting and conveying information through written and verbal contact with customers, team members, and top-tier executives.

•Compiled and itemized proposals utilizing QuickBooks software to create streamlined documentation for potential client accounts.

•Operated high-volume switchboard and maintained daily direct and indirect client relations operations including acting as point of contact when customers call in, providing company information and forwarding appropriately based on needs.

•Facilitated customer satisfaction through immediate resolution of conflicts for strengthened client retention and loyalty.

•Provided high-level administrative support and managed organizational policies and procedures.

•Drove customer loyalty initiatives and productivity gains through effective and efficient customer relationship management.

 Sales & Marketing

  Identifying profitable new alternative distribution points.

• Managing complex online advertising campaigns for large direct clients.

• Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Software including Word, Excel and Outlook.

• Using market knowledge to influence decisions regarding customer pricing and sales programs.

• Organizing special sales projects, such as new product introductions, sales promotions, advertisements, etc.

• Sales experience in municipal, contractor, or distributor markets a plus.

• Able to manage all aspects of sales to prospective and current customers, including providing highly technical and administrative product information.

• Ability to establish priorities and work under limited supervision.

• Negotiating with market research companies and advertising agencies.

• Able to forge high performing working relationships with sales colleagues.

• Can communicate information and ideas to others in an understandable manner

 Information Technology

The company is working to develop systems and procedures work using information technology available and the most prominent in this area during the year as follows:

1 - The Department of Information Technology to develop computer systems and its uses in various business results:

• issuing circulars, letters and requests and forms electronically.

• Speed of completion of the work and the termination of transactions and accuracy in documentation and follow-up.

• Savings in paper, printers and imaging devices and correspondence.

2 - Start Otmma project procedures, which aims to link and integrate all company regulations for the conduct of work to help the organizer to improve and manage work and quickly done and unifying source.

3 - Development of the communication process some sales centers and projects where it is characterized costs low speed and provide safety information that is transferred and managed centers and projects moving all types of applications (voice, video, and Internet and data) which increases the work efficiency and productivity.

4 - Apply IT Telephony Internet Protocol (IP Telephony) in the regional center for the northern region sales Hail instead of relatively inexpensive communication lines.

5 - Application program Microsoft Operations Manager, which handles events management and follow-up performance in the various major servers.

6 - Improve wireless network coverage in a project instigated which included 35 sites enabling employees to have access to all services and systems quickly and efficiently.

7 - The facility to all authorized by the company to enter the internal technical systems and other technical sources safely at all times.

8 - Application of network security system in the sales centers outside Sudan to provide a secure IT environment in these centers because they relate directly to the Internet.

Finance Management

Experience: Must have 15 years comprehensive work experience in Finance & accounting management and audit .

Training: Adequate training Financial accounting & Audit.

Responsibilities & Duties: Manage, coordinate and oversee the financial operations of the company, including accounts payable, general accounting and payroll function. Responsible for ensuring effective financial systems & processes are in place, and financial and operating reports accurately reflect the condition of the business unit. Provides reliable financial information, required to monitor and control the over all performance of the company. Major responsibilities include : Measuring monthly and annual results of operations and financial conditions, through the preparation and analysis of the basic financial statements. Monitoring, analysis and control of Project costs through budgets. Review of Profit & Loss and balance sheet for accuracy and variance to budget. Ensuring adequate cash flow for smooth functioning of the department. Ensuring timely availability of bank guarantees & LCs. Inventory control and valuation, (Ensuring Inventories are kept at desired levels as a result of effective Internal control and monitoring). Control of acquisition and disposal of fixed assets. Coordinates with external auditors for interim and year and audit work. Ensuring timely suppliers payment a maintain credit worthiness of the company. Personnel & HR policy formulation, updation and periodic review. Oversee Manpower planning, recruitment & administration.Authority : Approval of financial statements as per company guidelines.

Finance Duties Achieved

1- Analyze financial information to produce forecasts of business, industry, and economic conditions for use in making investment decisions.

2. Assemble spreadsheets and draw charts and graphs used to illustrate technical reports, using computer.

3. Evaluate and compare the relative quality of various securities in a given industry. Interpret data affecting investment programs, such as price, yield, stability, future trends in investment risks, and economic influences.

4. Maintain knowledge and stay abreast of developments in the fields of industrial technology, business, finance, and economic theory.

5. Monitor fundamental economic, industrial, and corporate developments through the analysis of information obtained from financial publications and services, investment banking firms, government agencies, trade publications, company sources, and personal interviews.

6. Prepare plans of action for investment based on financial analyses. Present oral and written reports on general economic trends, individual corporations, and entire industries.

7 .Recommend investments and investment timing to companies, investment firm staff, or the investing public.

8. Collaborate with investment bankers to attract new corporate clients to securities firms.

9. Contact brokers and purchase investments for companies, according to company polic

10. Determine the prices at which securities should be syndicated and offered to the public.



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