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Unifert A.A. is an affiliate of Unifert which is active in the MENA markets (Middle-East / North Africa) through a network of affiliates which also includes: Unifert SAL in Lebanon, Attanmiah in Syria, Asmida in Jordan, ARD in Iraq and Algeria, Samtrade in Egypt, Twaiq in Saudi Arabia, Bazargan Kala in Iran.  Unifert A.A. plays a major role in the ever-growing segment of agricultural inputs in Sudan.  It was in the World Food Conference held in Rome 1974 that Sudan was first dubbed to be “the world’s food basket” a title it has failed to live up to due to decades of internal conflicts and more recently a lack of focused long-term investment policies in the agricultural sector. To this day Sudan still maintains this title as the potential is yet attainable; and in light of the recent division of Sudan, North Sudan has lost around 75% of its oil revenue and must readjust and gear policies towards agriculture and Argo-industry therefore within the coming years agriculture in Sudan will start to grow once again and will inevitably boom. For Unifert A.A. the potential is vast in Sudan. As a group, we have introduced and have been proudly promoting DAS products in Sudan for over 25 years. We have invested our time, effort and finances in doing so all the while strictly adhering not only to local and international policies and regulations but also to our own moral code, never compromising our social obligation towards our own country and people. 
While our revenue may has suffered because of it we remain adamant in the importance of the service and products we provide because we realize the significance of our work in supporting and promoting the agricultural sector in Sudan specifically small farmers and traditional farms (which constitutes the bulk of our business) realizing that it represents the future of Sudan and livelihood of the millions of Sudanese households not affiliated with the governing regime. (Agriculture retains 80% of Sudan's workforce). 
 Company Activities 
Unifert A.A.’s main activity is the supply of Agricultural inputs pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, seeds, growth regulators and modern irrigation systems. Servicing some of the largest schemes in Sudan as well as private owners with application of inputs. The company has introduce a new sales and promotional strategy that severs to enhance the technical and economical know how of our customers. This is done through the highly trained Technical Commercial Promoters (TCP), which are on the fields providing real time support to our customers. This strategy has been practiced and implemented by Unifert Group through out the MENA area. As a result we where able to enhance the traditional framing practice and increase famer profits.  
Unifert AA through is technical commercial approach is now a representative of the following multi national company’s. 
DOW Agrosciences  (USA) 
Syngenta (Switzerland)  
BASF (Germany) 
Adonis (Lebanon) 
Syngenta (Switzerland) 
Calwest (USA) 
United Genetics (Italy) 
Compo (Germany) 
Tervalis (Spain) 
Adonis (Lebanon)  

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